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A TICA,CFA,RFWC  and RI   Registered  Cattery

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T Rexdolls is a small cattery in South Carolina started from a love of animals. We are a mother and son team that love showing and raising the best and largest Ragdolls together. We are  members of:

TRexdolls has a giant Flame Point Male that at 10 months old already weighed 19 lbs

All cats and kittens are lovingly raised and are well socialized in our home. Each kitten has all vaccinations and is guaranteed by contract to be healthy and free of parasites. No known hereditary defects or illness's are in our bloodlines. 

Kittens are sold with a "New Home package" that consists of a baby blanket from their bed, a favorite toy and some food so they won't be so home sick for Mommy when they go to their new homes. 

Don't be upset if you are pre-screened before we let one of our baby fur balls go to their new home. We love our babies and want them placed in only the most loving homes. 

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about cats. If we don't know the answer... we'll find someone who does.

Thank You for visiting our website! 
Please feel free to contact us. 

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T Rexdolls Cattery
Breeders of Dinosaur Sized Ragdolls

A TICA,CFA,RFCI, and RI Registered Cattery

 Charmayne Hutcherson

(864) 595-0994




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